Friday 24th April 2020

Hello children and families of Donnington!

I hope you are all keeping well. All of the teachers and staff at school are missing you very much and are looking forward to the days when we all be back at Donnington together.  In the mean time, we are looking for the best ways to support you with learning from home.

This week, we are beginning to use a new tool for learning.  The Department for Education have been working very closely with lots of teachers to put together video lessons for you, so that you can listen to a teacher explaining your work every day. We are going to start using Oak National Academy’s Online Classroom.

For Years 1-5, please keep on checking your Showbie account as your teacher will still put your lessons on there, but from now on, lots of your lessons will include a link to a video and some instructions on what you need to do.  Every day there are three lessons; English, Maths and another subject such as Science, Geography, History, Art or Music.  

Each lesson will have:

A video

A slide show

At the beginning of the lesson the teacher will tell you what you need, for example a book, pencil, ruler.

There are points within the video where the teacher will ask you to pause the video and complete a task, you may even need to close the video and look at the slide show, but the video will be there, ready to continue when you are ready.

Your class teacher will have also given you instructions on how you may share your work with them. They might ask you to complete a sheet on Showbie, or send a photograph of what you have done.

For our Nursery and Reception children, Ms Smith and Ms Frenkler are going to continue to give you a new set of links for learning every week, and some of these links may be taken from Oak Academy’s Online Classroom as well as other sites.

I will continue to update this ‘Learning for All’ page with any information that I think might help you, so please continue to check this page as well as your class pages.

The class teachers are still contactable during school hours on the class email addresses (on your class pages) and I can be contacted at  Please write ‘For Mrs Mannion’ in your email. I am happy to answer any questions you have about learning.

We hope the new video lessons are helpful and look forward to finding out how you are getting on.

Take care and be kind 🙂

Mrs Mannion