Monday 27th April 2020

Dear parents and children,

I hope you are well and have fun trying out this week’s activities.

1  Literacy:  To begin to learn about story structure

Listen to one of the stories below: The Gingerbread Man The 3 Little Pigs Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Were Going on a Bear Hunt

Ask your child ’How do stories begin?’……….E.g.  ’Once upon a time’

Ask your child ‘How do stories end?’……….E.g.   ’and they all lived happily ever after. The end’

See if your child can retell the story.

Can they include repeated phrases and dialogue?  E.g ‘Run run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man’

This will be much easier for your child if you could play the video of the story on mute or as they look through a copy of the book.

Older children might be able to retell the story from memory without a book.

Enjoy a musical version of one of these traditional stories: The Three Little Pigs Little Red Riding Hood Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Or how about the movie version of Were Going on a Bear Hunt?:

2 Mathematical Development : To name 2D  shapes

Circle triangle square rectangle star diamond heart pentagon hexagon

To show interest in shapes in the environment

Look for shapes around the home. Ask your child:

Can you find a circle?  E.g. clock, plate, saucepan lid, grill in extractor fan, a biscuit

Can you find a square?    E.g.  window

Can you find a triangle?   E.g.  slice of pizza , picture of  a hat / mountain,  a towel

Can you find a rectangle?     E.g.  cupboard, laptop,  book, door, TV screen    

3  Understanding of the World:    To develop ICT skills

3a Literacy:    To know the sounds of the letters / To sound out words

Read, Write Inc phonics lessons on YouTube every day

This phonics (letter sounds) website is free for all to use during the lockdown

If prompted to log in use the following details:    Username: march20        Password: home

Select the Resources tab on the top bar then select Phase 1 or Phase 2

Phase 1 – practising careful listening – identifying everyday sounds

Phase 2- letter sounds  and sounding out simple words

Here are our usual songs that we use for practising our letter sounds:  A is for Apple   JollyPhonics song

4 Understanding of the World:   To talk about some of the things they have observed / To look closely at changes

You will need:

 Lots of plastic cups (ideally see through ones)   spoons    different foods   a jug of water   a big bowl

Ask your child to put a little of one food in a cup and mix it with water.

Ask them: What is happening?    What can you see?    How has it changed?

Encourage them to use full sentences E.g.    ‘It’s gone white’  ‘It looks like milk’ 

Teach them new words such as:     sinks   floats   disappears    dissolves   changes lumpy

Repeat for each food.

Try: coffee    flour    sugar   rice    cereal   salt   gravy powder

Just for fun let them mix everything together in a big bowl at the end! 

5 Physical Development: To catch and throw a ball

Practise catching and throwing a big ball.

Remind your child to keep their eyes on the ball and to hold their hands an appropriate distance apart.

Start off standing close together and gradually move further apart.

If your child can catch and throw a big ball easily try a smaller ball.

Finally some reminders….

Share stories and non-fiction books with your child, cook with them and explore in the garden if you are lucky enough to have one.

Talk,talk, talk with them.

 MAKE LEARNING FUN at all times.

Please do not give your child endless worksheets that are of no value  for most children in the class.

Have fun drawing and practising writing their name to develop their pen control.

Best wishes,

Miss Smith