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A letter from the Chair 2014-2015

Hello to all! May I take this opportunity to welcome you all to Friends of Donnington School (FODS). My name is Janet Ellis and I was elected the new chair of FODS in September 2014. Whilst the task has been daunting, it is also an extremely rewarding one so far and I am enjoying the challenge. I hope to continue on from where our last chair left off and create a school community that is passionate about providing the very best for each and every child. This can only be done as part of a concerted effort from us all – working together towards a common goal.

As parents, we are all part of the Parents and Teachers Association and play a vital and equal role in the success of our school. FODS has been set up to encourage close links between ourselves (parents) and the school, but we are most famous for our amazing fundraising events. As well as being great fun for children and adults alike, the money we raise goes back into the school to provide the best possible resources and equipment to benefit our children. Projects such as the Christmas Cracker pull; presents from Father Christmas and Year 6 leaving gifts are a few of the things FODS have helped to pay for.

So, if you would like to get involved (no matter how little or how much) please contact the school office, your child’s class teacher or speak to a member of the committee (we are very approachable!) We meet usually once every half term when the teams plan and organise the various events that occur over the course of the school year. We will send out letters or texts to keep you informed of what’s going on so please try to get involved and have your say!

We look forward to seeing some new faces.

Janet Ellis
Shakira Surve
FODS Co-chairs