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Governing Body Terms of Reference

Donnington Primary School Governing Body Terms of Reference 2016-17


Title: Donnington Primary School Governing Body

Chairman: The Chairman of Governors shall automatically lead the Governing Body.

Quorum: The quorum is normally 50% of governors for election of officers or changes to standing orders or the membership of the Governing Body.

Meetings: The Governing Body shall meet at least once per term.

All meetings are held at the School


Terms of Reference:

  • To develop the strategic thinking and planning of the school, including its aims and
  • values, with the educational needs of its pupils constantly as the focus of its work.
  • To see that a development plan is set which maintains and improve standards of
  • education and running of the School, taking advice from Committees.
  • Agree policies and plans to support that development.
  • Monitor the quality of the education provided by the School.
  • Delegate Governing Body responsibilities to Committees, Staff or Governors.
  • Ensure that delegated tasks and legal obligations are carried out, particularly:
  • 6:1 Delivery of the National Curriculum
    • Religious Education
    • SRE (Sex & relationship education)
    • Staff appointment, promotion, discipline and support
    • Set a budget every financial year, taking advice from the Finance and
  • Premises Committee and Head Teacher.
    • Approve/reject deviations from that budget.
    • Monitor expenditure against budget through the Headteacher and Finance and
  • Premises Committee and evaluate outcomes.
    • Set SEN, health and safety and charging policies.
    • Approve any other polices issued by the Governing Body.
    • Monitor the activity of Committees and consider recommendations.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the Headteacher in meeting delegated
    • Appoint Governing Body Committees, Headteacher and Deputy
    • Prepare and deliver a report on SEN policy,
    • Hear complaints and appeals.
    • Act as a link between the local community and the school.
    • Buy and sell property.
    • Organise financing and construction of capital building work.
    • Invest money.
    • Accept gifts and use them for the benefit of the school.
    • Foster relationships with local playgroups/nurseries and the secondary
  • schools that we “feed”.
    • Consider whether to make the school facilities available to the local