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Our Curriculum

The Curriculum at Donnington Primary School


The children at Donnington Primary School are taught in line with the National Curriculum.


  • At Donnington we believe that our pupils are entitled to a rich, varied and diverse curriculum which will enable them to learn and make connections using concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches to learning.
  • We believe that all pupils at Donnington deserve to have access to texts that allow them to read widely and deeply, in order that they develop their fluency and understanding.
  • Our teachers work closely together to ensure that there is progression in knowledge, skills and understanding in all subjects
  • We believe that all pupils, irrespective of their background, world experiences and economic status, should be provided with a rich curriculum which is delivered confidently, preparing them for life and future employment.
  • We believe our pupils have the right to a culturally diverse and inclusive education reflective of their local and nationally shared heritage and experiences
  • We encourage our pupils to share their own unique cultures and life experiences with the aim of improving their cultural capital and that of the school community.
  • We believe that our ‘SEND’ pupils are entitled to inclusive learning opportunities, through our curriculum, which is adapted to meet the needs of all learners.
  • We will enable all SEND pupils, in our school, to have equal access to all learning experiences to ensure equality for all.
  • Our Curriculum aims to be engaging and inspiring which incorporates a memorable experience, normally an educational visit and key knowledge. We also use 'Opening Worlds' in Key Stage 2 to develop children's subject based knowledge in History, Geography and Religious Education.
  • We share our learning with the school community through class assemblies and displays.
  • Donnington’s Five BEs underpin everything that we do.


For further information speak to the class teachers or click on the link below


Children are taught phonics and early reading in line with

Read Write Inc.