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Maths Curriculum

Mathematics Policy

Maths Week Year 1 'The Princess and the Pea'

Maths Week Year 2 'The Great Pet Sale'



Join us to celebrate Maths Week!

(14th November – 18th November 2022)




For Maths Week, children will be engaging in a variety of mathematical activities. The theme is Maths through stories.

Activities planned for the week include:

Whole School Problem (Find different combinations)

Maths through stories (What maths can you find in your book?)

Maths Trail

  • The Outdoor Area Maths Trail (EYFS)
  • Local Area (KS1)
  • Roundwood Park Maths Trail (Years 3&4)
  • Roundwood park trail (Years 5&6)

 Family Quiz

We would like parents and carers to join in the fun by entering our family quiz.

Find as many as possible: Stories with numbers, films with numbers in their titles and songs with numbers in their titles.


  • Stories with numbers in their titles e.g. Three Little Pigs
  • Films with numbers in their titles e.g. Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • Songs with numbers in their titles e.g. Ten Green Bottles


(Entries should be handed in to class teachers by Thursday the 17th November)

Maths Fancy Dress – 18th November 2022 (Wear something with number or shape)