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Monday 20th April 2020

Hello Reception,

You will be happy to know that the story of this week is your favourite one:

‘The Gruffalo’  by Julia Donaldson.


Do you remember your great assembly about it? Your  performance  was  ASTOUNDING!

Now it is time to scare everybody at home by acting out the story using all available props at home. Do you want to change how the story goes? No problem. Have a go!  Look for rhyming words, like :  ‘Here, by this carrot’ and ‘his favourite food is roasted parrot.’  or  ‘Here, by this grass’ and ‘his favourite food is broken  glass!’ Good luck and don’t forget to take a photo or two to show off.


 The next challenge is to visit The Newsroom with your parents and see if you can find the answers  to some questions together.

Here are the questions:

Tuesday, 24th March 2020

Why are we all encouraged to draw rainbows and display them in our windows?

Thursday, 26th March 2020

What have scientists found at the top of a volcano in South America?

Friday, 3rd April 2020

What kind of strange footprints have recently been discovered on the Isle of Skye?  Where is Isle of Skye? 

Monday, 6th April 2020

How many Teddy Bears can you see in the window? Why are they there?

Thursday, 9th April 2020

What is the good news about 12 lucky koalas in Australia?

Tuesday, 14th April 2020

Where is of the tallest mountain in the World?  Can you say its name?

Friday, 17th April 2020

Who is Captain Tom Moor? How old is he? What has he done for his birthday?

Ask your adults at home to check Daily News together, as they appear in the Newsroom this week.  How about you think of your own questions to ask me via email. Let’s see if I can find the answer. 


Don’t forget to keep fit! Well done for exercising with Joe Wicks every morning. Do you like his Friday outfits? Which one is your best so far: Spider Man, Scooby Doo or Froggy Coach? You can dress up for PE with Joe every day, not only on Fridays!


Do you like Joe’s  ’Spot the Differences’ Game every day? Can you spot them all? ​

Oh, and don’t forget to do ‘Homework with Joe’.  The last one is to draw a picture about the place you live, so come on – draw a picture about any place in London. 

Let’s stay safe and be kind,

Love from,

Ewa Frenkler

PS. Maybe you fancy making yummy biscuits with your parents: